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Beating Allergies with Custom Immunotherapy

person sneezing in to a tissueWe bet you, or someone you love, always dreads allergy season. Why? Because for many, common allergens found in our area can wreak havoc on their quality of life, bringing bouts of migraines, sneezing, congestion, itchy and watery eyes, and more that they struggle to find relief from.

Instead of popping daily allergy pills that are only designed to treat the symptoms instead of the root cause of the issue, we’ve got another idea: Give tailored immunotherapy a try with us!

At Abundant Health Physical Medicine, we’re proud to offer subcutaneous injections designed to help your body overcome allergies. Here’s more about what you can expect.

How it Works

We begin the process by doing a skin test in the practice of 72 different allergens common to our area. These are things like grass, mold, mildew, specific pollens, and more.

We’ll evaluate how your skin reacts to them to determine whether or not there is a strong reaction or no reaction.

Based on our findings, we can create a custom injection therapy that contains the allergens your body has trouble with. By introducing in small, controlled quantities, things you’re allergic to, your body will slowly begin to build up a tolerance to them. Over time, they will begin to affect you less and less, until ultimately, they don’t bother you at all!

A typical course of care requires about 1-2 injections per week over several months for the best results. We’re happy to check with your insurance to see if they cover allergy testing or the injections!

Learn More Today

Ready to kick allergies to the curb? We’re here to help. Contact the team today to get started with your custom care plan. We look forward to seeing you in the practice soon.

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  1. Dianna Anderson says
    Jun 09, 2022 at 2:26 AM

    Tried allergy shots years ago. could never build up to a level that didn't require weekly trips/injections which are not feasible for me in winter months when I am often working 10 hr days!

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