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Fit 3D Scans at
Abundant Health Physical Medicine

FIt 3D Scan modelAs part of our assessment protocols, we are bringing Fit 3D scanning technology to Abundant Health Physical Medicine. This cutting-edge technology produces 3D replicas of your body, so we can track changes over time. An in-depth look at overall body assessment, it assesses body scale, basal metabolic rate, lean mass poundage, percentage fat mass poundage, and percentage circumferential measurements and more.

We get measurements of your arms, neck, chest, waist, legs, thighs, hips, bust—everything! And the best part? It’s all trackable, which means you’ll be able to see your changes and results.


What to Expect

The Fit 3D does a 360° scan of the body. You stand on the platform and hold on to the handles to create a good baseline. The platform will turn you while the scanner takes hundreds of infrared and standard high resolution images to create a 3D avatar of your body. Once the scan is done, you have instant access to the results.

We review the results to see your body composition—where you’re carrying fat, where there’s muscle. If you’re trying to gain or lose weight, we can see where it’s going. The scans also feature posture analysis, weight and balance measurements, a body shape rating, and more.

Using successive scans, about once a month, we’re able to track your progress using the body scale rating index. This in-depth measuring metric is more accurate than standard BMI. It also has the ability to take issues like chronic health disease and overall health and wellness into consideration.

Patients will receive their first Fit3D scan as part of the new patient exam at no additional cost.

Find Out More

Fit 3D scans are considered the Gold Standard for body assessments, so you can depend on their accuracy. Reach out today to a team member if you have questions or concerns about Fit 3D scanning.

We’re excited to bring this new technology to our practice, and we know you will be too!

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