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How SoftWave Therapy Helps Joint Pain

person holding leg with knee painWith summer nearly in full swing, we bet you’re getting back into some of your favorite activities and using muscles and joints that may have been resting through the winter months.

If you notice joint pain flaring up, we don’t want it to keep you from doing what you love. Instead, give advanced SoftWave therapy a try to find relief naturally. Here’s more about how it works!

What Is It?

SoftWave therapy is one of the latest and greatest techniques for overcoming joint pain by helping your body heal better. By focusing a combination of electricity, water, and sound waves onto your problem area, it signals the cells in your body to repair the area directly. The best part? It’s entirely pain free, and takes just five minutes per body area to complete.

SoftWave therapy is designed to reduce inflammation, which is the ultimate driver of pain. In doing so, blood flow and circulation is improved, as well as tissue health.

When you get started with this therapy, we’ll begin by evaluating your problem area and how long it’s been going on. For more recent trauma or injuries, less sessions may be required. For chronic issues, a person may undergo several before noticing great improvement.

After just one session, patients typically notice a 20-60% reduction in pain. After several, some have even stated that the problem is entirely resolved.

Learn More Today

We’d love to help you feel better (and heal better, too). Contact our team today to learn more about advanced SoftWave therapy and book your visit today. We look forward to meeting you!

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