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Chiropractic care wasn’t always Dr. Sinan’s path. In fact, he was a chiropractic skeptic until a friend convinced him to give it a try. Though Dr. Sinan was into fitness and eating right, he ended up with the flu for two weeks. It was the sickest he had ever been. During that time, while he was resting in bed with unrelenting migraines, he couldn’t open his eyes or eat.

A friend he’d always see at the gym asked him what was going on. By Dr. Sinan’s good fortune, this friend was a chiropractor and adjusted Dr. Sinan.

Realizing the Power of Chiropractic

Within two weeks, Dr. Sinan was back to his usual self. Once his strength returned, he visited his friend’s office, Judge Family Chiropractic, in St. Charles, Illinois. There, he was surprised to see the place filled with families who all knew about the importance of getting their nervous system checked. Dr. Sinan wanted to live out his mission and purpose, so he packed his bags and moved to Davenport IA.

At Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Sinan earned his Doctor of Chiropractic qualification, graduating in 2013. During his years there, he got more interested in fitness, even participating at the CrossFit Games.

Dr. Sinan is advanced certified in extremity adjusting and Torque Release Technique®. Furthermore, he is certified in the Webster Technique for pregnant women.

God-Focused and Family-Centered

I want to provide people with the solutions, tools, and resources to help them make lasting changes.

Dr. Sinan’s greatest passion is serving and glorifying God. He is a husband and father for his two children. Family is everything to Dr. Sinan. When he takes care of a patient, he knows they’ll be able to return to being the rock star mom, dad or grandparent they are.

Dr. Sinan loves to exercise, spend time outdoors, and takes pride in his yard. He enjoys serving at his church, Rock Church of the Quad Cities. He and his family enjoy spending time together and going on vacation when they can.

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