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How Chiropractic Care Benefits Davenport IA Athletes

The demands that athletic activities place on your body require you to pay extra attention to maintaining a healthy nervous system to avoid being sidelined by injury. Different sports cause different stresses on the body, such as repetitive injuries in golf, tennis or baseball, or impact injuries in football, soccer or rugby, for example.

Whatever the cause of the injury, your body adapts and attempts to heal. This compensation for the injury will cause it to heal improperly if not addressed and corrected. The long-term effects often create much bigger problems that are more difficult to correct down the road, which is why it’s best to get care for sports injuries in Davenport IA as soon as possible.

Our Approach to Care

As a high level athlete himself, Dr. Sinan has competed at the CrossFit Games, and he understands the tremendous physical stress that athletes subject their bodies to. By getting regular chiropractic care at Abundant Health Physical Medicine, you can keep your nervous system functioning optimally, which helps improve your performance and prevent injuries. If you’ve already been injured, chiropractic and rehab can help speed the healing process and help ensure that your body heals correctly, so you can avoid chronic issues and re-injury in the future.

We see athletes of every type, age and competitive level. Weekend warriors often place excessive demands on their bodies without consistent training, which can result in sprain/strain injuries. In adolescent athletes, the stress of sports is combined with the stress of growing and developing, which can overtax the nervous system. And elite athletes are under constant tremendous physical stress. Each of these requires a unique approach to care, which we tailor to your specific needs and goals.

Take Your Game to the Next Level Today

Dr. Sinan will take the time to listen to you so he can fully understand the role sports play in your life and how we can help keep you in the game and perform at your highest potential. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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