Normatec Recovery System In Davenport IA

Neuropathy Davenport IA Woman Using Normatec Compression Boots

Designed to work like a massage therapist, Normatec compression therapy in Davenport IA offers a cutting-edge way to help recover after a workout and provides other health benefits. At Abundant Health Physical Medicine, we offer these “compression boots” (as they’re sometimes called) as both a stand-alone therapy and as part of our Renew + membership.

How do Compression Boots in Davenport IA Work?

You’ll put the pressurized boots on and then relax while they do their work. The technology uses dynamic air compression to create a pulsing action that gently squeezes your legs and hips. This action stimulates lymphatic drainage and the elimination of lactic acid, helping your muscles recover more quickly and efficiently after working out or competing. The massage-like effects also help to restore movement and flexibility in the legs and hips, while reducing tension. Many people use this service before an athletic event as well, to help loosen their muscles and get them ready for competition.

You can control the strength of the compressions, so there is no need to worry that they’ll squeeze too hard or not hard enough. It should feel soothing and reinvigorating, like a massage.

Who It’s For

This therapy is great for athletes of all levels, weekend warriors, gym rats—even busy moms and dads who are on the go all day. Some people should NOT use this type of compression, including those with:

  • Acute pulmonary edema
  • Acute thrombophlebitis
  • Acute congestive cardiac failure
  • Acute infections
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Episodes of pulmonary embolism
  • Infection, tumors, wounds, or lesions at or near the site of application
  • Situations where increased venous and lymphatic return is detrimental
  • Bone fractures or dislocations at or near the site of application

How Long Does It Take?

The length of your session will depend on your condition and goals—for most people, therapy takes from 10-30 minutes. You can receive compression therapy as often as needed. Renew + membership includes unlimited use of this service.

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